2007 Yamaha FZ6

Back in 2006 I started looking around for another bike.  After researching various motorcycle forums I had a rough idea on what my next bike would be; serious contenders were the Honda VFR, the Suzuki 1250 Bandit or 650 V-Strom, the Yamaha FZ6 or FZ1, the BMW F800ST, and the Kawasaki Ninja 650.  It would come down to availability and a good deal.

During a trip to the February 08 Motorcycle Show in Moncton I visited Alantic Motoplex where i discovered an 07 FZ6 with 2200klms for sale for only $6100.  I couldn't resist.

In stock form the FZ6 is a comfortable sport tourer, but with a little help from the aftermarket it can be made even more comfortable.  You can see some of the improvements I made on my FZ6 by viewing the photos below.

Weighing in at 409 pounds with 98hp the FZ6 is also a decent sport bike, with the added advantage of being all day comfortable.  This bike is fun to ride!

Below 7000rpms the FZ6 is well mannered.  You can go down to 25 kph in high gear and still pull away, not quickly but smoothly.  Kind of reminds me of the BMW K75 in some ways.  Above 7000rpm you better hang on right on up to the 14,000 red line.

During the 34000 kilometers of use it has cost me very little in maintenance - chain/sprockets and oil changes.  I did have the valves checked at 26,000 kilometer mark but all were within spec.

I don't believe there is such a thing as a perfect bike but the combination of a FZ6 and a 650 V-Strom comes close.  I'm a believer that two bikes are better than one.